1:1 Coaching

I offer three options for 1:1 coaching:
1. 1-Month Kickoff
2. 3-Month Program
3. 6-Month Program

Regardless of which program you choose, this service includes two 1:1 coaching sessions with me monthly, weekly check-ins, and unlimited texting during the program’s duration.

I have a history working with clients ranging from ages 10 all to way to 85 years old. Working with young kids is very rewarding, as I teach them about developing healthy habits, how to snack at an early age, and anything else they are struggling with. I have seen great progress in young kids!

1:1 coaching is right for you if you want to:

  • lose anywhere from 5-50+ pounds
  • stop mindless, boredom, emotional, or late-night snacking
  • learn how to build a balanced plate
  • develop an exercise plan you will enjoy and stick to
  • learn how to dine out and navigate any restaurant menu with ease
  • understand how to stop eating when you’re full
  • build a menu with multiple options for each meal (not a meal plan!)
  • create and develop the ‘YOU’ diet, since everyone has different needs and cravings!

If you're interested in 1:1 coaching, join my waitlist here!