About Me

Hi everyone! My name’s Hunter and I’m a certified nutrition and health coach through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. I am also a full-time Business Analyst at American Express in New York, New York.

In May of 2022, I graduated from the University of Michigan – Ann Arbor with a Bachelor of Science in Information Science. I know… you’re probably wondering how I ended up as a health coach!?!?

My love for helping others improve their health came about as a result of my own health and weight loss transformation, where I sustainably lost 50 pounds and have successfully kept it off. Over time, I have learned simple concepts that help my clients – and myself – stay on track, enjoy their favorite foods, and have lots of energy throughout the day. Although I have a full-time job at American Express that I am so happy and excited about, I could not continue my life without helping others accomplish their health and wellness goals.

I am a firm believer that HEALTH IS YOUR WEALTH, which is why I am so passionate about helping my clients develop healthy habits without depriving them of their current lifestyle.