Grocery Shop and Product Information Coaching

This is a relatively new service for me. However, I have had nothing but great reviews from clients who I have done this with so far!

This service includes two 1:1 sessions with me, where I show you how to shop at any grocery store and where to find my favorite products online.

This is an amazing session option for you if you:

  • often feel confused at grocery stores
  • want to know what items to look for when grocery shopping
  • are faced with extremely tough decisions when ordering products online
  • want to learn how to read a nutrition or food label
  • need help shopping at grocery stores to build simple and balanced meals
  • want to focus on clean eating
  • want a personalized grocery store list based on your favorite foods
  • are interested in making healthy swaps within your pantry

If you're interested in Grocery & Product coaching, let me know here!