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1:2 Coaching

1:2 Coaching

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 offer three options for 1:2 coaching:
1. 1-Month Kickoff
2. 3-Month Program
3. 6-Month Program

Regardless of which program you choose, this service includes two 1:2 coaching sessions with me monthly, weekly check-ins, and unlimited texting during the program’s duration.

This option is perfect for a couple, two friends, siblings, or any duo who wants to improve their overall health! Having a partner along your health and wellness journey is extremely beneficial and leads to sustainable success.

1:2 coaching is right for you if you and your spouse, friend, or sibling want to:

  • have nonstop support from each other (and me!)
  • learn how to gain back control over food
  • learn how to build balanced food plates
  • develop exercise plans that you will enjoy and stick to
  • learn how to dine out and navigate any restaurant menu with ease
  • understand how to stop eating when you’re full
  • build a menu with multiple options for each meal (not a meal plan!)
  • create and develop the ‘YOU’ diet, since everyone has different needs and cravings!

I have worked with several couples and friend duos in the past, and it is both fun and successful! When you and your partner have the same goals, it is so motivating for both of you and often leads to much more success. Having one another’s back and holding each other accountable are two methods that are very important when working to improve your health.

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